Help change the life of a family in Ukraine. File an I-134.

An “I-134” is a simple form that helps an Ukrainian family start their immigration process with the US Government.

It does not cost anything (except a few minutes of time). It is not a commitment to take a family under your wing. It does not give you control or authority over anyone. It is not a promise to give money to anyone. It is not legally binding or enforceable.

Anyone legally in America can file an I-134.

It’s a super simple process. You simply gather a few documents, get basic information about an Ukrainian family, and spend a few minutes filing an online form.

Step One: Gather Your Documents

You’ll need three documents, in PDF or JPEG format.

1. Your Most Recent IRS Tax Transcript or Return — You can get this from your tax software, from your tax accountant, or from the IRS website.

2. A letter from your employer (or, if you’re retired, any document showing that you are financially sound) — The letter from your employer will need to mention your start date, job title, and annual salary. Here’s a template to use!

3. A document that proves you’re legally in America. — You could use a copy/scan of…
– your US birth certificate
– your naturalization certificate 
– the photo page of your US passport
– your Permanent Resident card
– a valid US visa
Remember, you only need one of these.

Step Two: Get an Ukrainian family’s information from us

The American Service in Ukraine (ASIU) is working tirelessly to help Ukrainian families displaced by the war who want to restart their lives in America.

After you have your paperwork ready, simply fill out the form below, and ASIU will send you the information that you will need to file for an eligible Ukrainian family.

Though we are sharing only basic information required to fill an I-134, we still prohibit any and all further transfer of this information beyond the I-134 applicant.

Please confirm that you have the following documents:

Step Three: Fill out and submit the I-134 at

You will have to file a new I-134 for EACH individual person you are filing for. So a mom and her two children will count as three separate forms.

If you are having technical difficulty with this online form, try opening in a different browser. I have had trouble getting it to work on Google Chrome, but it worked perfectly on the Safari browser.

Need to get in touch?

If you need support with this process, I’m happy to help.

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