How Filing A Simple Form Can Change Life for an Ukrainian Family

Jul 4, 2022

Displaced Ukrainians who want to rebuild their lives in America need an American to file an I-134 for them — a no-obligation form that takes only a few minutes to fill out.

The United States is offering Ukrainians displaced by the war the opportunity to come to America for two years, to live, work, and begin to rebuild their lives in America. The American Service in Ukraine is facilitating this program, ensuring that Ukrainians are arriving safely in America, getting connected with professional resettlement agencies who provide housing, healthcare, career pathways and more through the “Matching Grant” Program (MGP).

But we are facing a major bottleneck: to begin the process of getting approval to travel, the Ukrainian family needs an American to vouch for them, by filing what’s called an “I-134 Affidavit of Support.” The I-134 can be filed by any American above the poverty line. It is not a legally-enforceable commitment. It is not a promise to give money or housing to the arriving family. It simply allows the Ukrainian family to begin the immigration application process.

To file an I-134, you will need a few documents to show that you are about the poverty line:

– A document proving you are in America legally. (This can be a scan of your passport or birth certificate or naturalization certificate or valid visa

– A copy of your latest IRS tax return

– If you are employed, a letter from your employer simply stating your start date, job title, and salary. (Here’s an easy Google Docs template to use.)

– Any proof of assets, like a statement of your stock or bond holdings.

– Any proof of other income.

Are you ready to change lives, simply by filing a form? Send Aswar an email, and he will get you started:

Frequently Asked Questions
What am I committing to?

Legally? Nothing.

Practically? You may choose to send support to the family you are filing for, but again, this is not required nor expected.

American Service in Ukraine works with professional federally-funded resettlement agencies to ensure that our arriving families are set up for success. You filing this form is more than enough.

Where do I file this form?

The form is found at, but you will need biodata for the Ukrainian family you are filing for. After you have your needed documents (see above), email Aswar and he’ll get you started: