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Dear neighbor,

In a few months time it will be up to you to decide if I am the right person for the job of representing our district in Congress. It’s a job I don’t take lightly, and one that I intend to do with every resource at my disposal. One of my best resources is my deep experience in fields that are relevant to the job of a Congressman.

I grew up in a house led by my single mom who brought me to America at the age of 6. The Recession got me out of the house at 16, and to an early start in life. I didn’t complain — instead, I turned this onrush of adulthood into countless opportunities. I hope the resumé you see below will help give an idea of what I mean — and of exactly the kind of person you would have representing you in Congress if you hire me.

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Aswar Rahman

Congressional Candidate | St. Paul, Minnesota

Objective: To represent the Heart of Minnesota in Congress as a bold supporter of democracy at home and abroad.

March 2022 – Present
American Service in Ukraine
Founder & Executive Director

• Founded the only Ukrainian-American organization dedicated to resettling Ukrainian refugees in the United States.
• As of Sep 8, 2023, resettled 208 Ukrainians in the United States, including providing housing, securing jobs, and enrolling children in school.
• Added millions of dollars to the economies of Minnesota and Ukraine.
• Developed a housing-and-jobs model that is becoming the gold standard for successful refugee resettlement, beyond Ukrainians.

March 2020 – Present
Declaration for American Democracy
Digital Content Lead

• Creating and coordinating digital messaging between hundreds of pro-democracy organizations.
• Working as a leader within the movement to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

January 2019 – March 2020
Amy for America
Digital Content Director

• Led on all digital messaging for Senator Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.
• Managed digital rapid response during presidential debates and other high-intensity situations.
• Produced main visual content for campaign.

December 2017 – December 2018
Phillips for Congress
Digital Director

• Led the most innovative digital strategy of the 2018 Congressional midterms.
• Won back a seat from the Republicans for the first time since the Korean War.
• Gained national recognition with video products.

January 2013 – Present
Filmmaker & Producer

• Produced and sold over a dozen feature films in the US and abroad.
• Led visual production for several Presidential, Congressional, Legislative and local campaigns.
• Performed pro bono work for local and national nonprofits

November 2017

• This one you just gotta watch 😅

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