American Service in Ukraine (ASIU) is a humanitarian and migration support organization headquartered and registered in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Shortly after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Aswar travelled to the Polish-Ukrainian border to serve Alight, an international humanitarian organization based in Minnesota. In a matter of days, Aswar’s professional background in political organizing and design came into use to organize humanitarian camps on both sides of the border. This led to development of connections within Lviv, the major city of western Ukraine.

With a generous donation from the Minneapolis Foundation, Aswar set up a humanitarian support office in Lviv and hired the organization’s first staff: Ukrainian coordinators fluent in Ukrainian, Russian (the dominant language in the eastern part of the country), and English.

Now, ASIU is focused on facilitating migration to the United States through the federal government’s Uniting for Ukraine program. Secondarily, ASIU coordinates with other organizations in western Ukraine to provide professional and general services.

Welcome an Ukrainian Family to America

Welcome an Ukrainian Family to America

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