To submit an audition for the role of HATCH, you must record three videos:

> Each video cannot be more than 90 seconds in length.
> Film vertically with your smartphone.
> Don’t worry too much about production quality. As long as you can be seen and heard clearly, we’re all good!


In the first video, please share:
– your name
— your height
— your city of residence
— the role you are auditioning for
— your general availability between July and December of this year
— and anything else you’d like.

In the second video, record the script below, in the way that seems most natural to you.

In the third video, record the script again, but challenge yourself to do an interpretation of the script that is quite different from your previous recording.


After you have these three videos, send them as a direct message on Instagram to

“Why Instagram?” Good question. This casting call is for immigrant actors, many of whom are ranked lower on mainstream casting websites, or have stopped using them altogether due to the lack of opportunities. Instagram allows for a more democratic approach to casting.



Having just received her promotion, HATCH sits in her new office, on the 17th floor of Crystal Tower. She’s dressed in her corporate best, her hair worn up, just the right amount of makeup to not look like she’s wearing makeup.

Her assistant, NYA, stands at the far corner of the room behind her, waiting for instructions. Hatch doesn’t look back at her. This is supposed to be a great day but it’s just not clicking. She looks out the large floor-to-ceiling window behind her desk.


When I left Stanford, they put me straight into the fourth floor. Procurement. It was supposed to be a big deal — only person on the floor in their twenties. Early twenties.

This is supposed to be a big deal, too! Only three floors above me and that’s it. Game over.

And all I’ve done every time I moved up is get a better view of Hennepin… and that brick wall. I got really excited on the ninth floor when I could finally see behind the wall and saw that sweet little garden.

That’s probably my favorite place in the whole world.

Someday I’m going to go knock on their door and ask to sit in there, and see it up close.

(a beat)

You ever smoke a cigar, Nya?



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