To submit an audition for the role of LILLIAN, you must record three videos:

> Each video cannot be more than 90 seconds in length.
> Film vertically with your smartphone.
> Don’t worry too much about production quality. As long as you can be seen and heard clearly, we’re all good!


In the first video, please share:
– your name
— your height
— your city of residence
— the role you are auditioning for
— your general availability between July and December of this year
— and anything else you’d like.

In the second video, record the script below, in the way that seems most natural to you.

In the third video, record the script again, but challenge yourself to do an interpretation of the script that is quite different from your previous recording.


After you have these three videos, send them as a direct message on Instagram to

“Why Instagram?” Good question. This casting call is for immigrant actors, many of whom are ranked lower on mainstream casting websites, or have stopped using them altogether due to the lack of opportunities. Instagram allows for a more democratic approach to casting.



As the sun sets, Lillian is having trouble seeing, and her migraines are acting up again. This is nothing new, so she doesn’t take it, too hard. She puts her paintbrushes in a cup to clean them and sits back in her chair. HATCH has been sitting nearby, off-camera. Lillian realizes she hasn’t even noticed Hatch in hours.


I did it again didn’t I! I got lost. I went into some corner of my mind. It’s an endless valley up there, and I keep surprising myself.

I can get you something. Tea? Hmm? No? I can go hunt down a rabbit, make us some stew. No? It’s no trouble at all. Well, maybe some trouble.

But you’re worth the trouble. I’m so happy you’re here… when are you going back?

(Lillian sees that her question struck an unexpected nerve)

Oh no. Honey… what’s wrong?



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