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A Gift From My Brother production hub.

In A Gift from My Brother, a budding documentary filmmaker is hired by a charismatic world traveler to record his last big journey: to reconnect with his estranged younger brother and persuade him to fulfill a mysterious promise to their late father.


This film is being produced for syndication as English-language content for South Asian television. 

All cast and crew must be fully vaccinated.

This is a non-union production.

All filming will be done on-location within 10 miles of Downtown Santa Monica.

Contact for further details.

Key Dates

On filming days, not all cast will be required for the full span of the day.

Thursday, October 21, 6p-9p
Tableread @ HQ
Core Cast (Russell, Corbin, Anna, Kate)

Thursday, October 28, 6p-9p
Tableread + Prep @ HQ
Core Cast + Core Crew (AD, DP, PC)

Thursday, November 11, 6p-9p
Off-book Tableread + Final Prep @ LAPAC
All Cast + All Crew

Friday, November 12, 3p-11p
Filming w/ Russell, Corbin, Anna, Elder, Kate, Extras I

Saturday, November 13, 1030a-930p
Filming w/ Russell, Corbin, Anna, Elder, Kate, Aunt Lily, Treasurer, Extras II

Sunday, November 14, 930a-7p
w/ Russell, Corbin, Anna, Elder, Treasurer, Policeman, Tailor, Extras 

Saturday, November 20, 8p – Midnight
Wrap Party @ LAPAC


Aswar Rahman as Russell Marat

Bernardo Manzini as Corbin Marat

Andrea Lazar as Anna Pavlina

Elizabeth Pun as Kate Marat

Ben Cable as Reza, the Lawyer

Ingrid Safranek as Joan, the Executive Director

Chuck Redman as Unnamed Cult Elder

Lecia Papadopoulos as Lily, the Aunt

Giovanni Savoia as Howard, the Tailor

Jeffrey Daniel Venter as Ron, the Policeman 

Michael Abram as David, the Treasurer

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Aswar Rahman, Writer/Director

Juan Sierra, Director of Photography

Bryony Hanks, Production Coordinator

Cesar Ernesto Salvador, Production Assistant

Ali Riazati, Production Assistant

Fernando Ponce, Production Assistant

Amanda Deitelbaum, Production Assistant

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