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In Production: American Leaders

A new internationally-broadcast half-hour interview series, asking the question: who are the people who lead America?

Viewers are taken on a journey through the mind and soul of American leaders in arts, politics, and thought, to better understand what motivates them, what values they hold, and the struggles they are overcoming to shape their nation. Interspersed with vignettes of everyday Americans, American Leaders attempts to tell the whole story and understand the most influential society of our era.

About the Interviewer
Aswar Rahman is a Bangladesh-American designer and media specialist working with pro-democracy causes worldwide, ranging from digital direction for Congressional and Presidential campaigns in the United States to leading digital strategy for anti-hate, anti-war, and pro-democracy organizations worldwide. His interview style has been describe as warm, plainspoken, and precise.


Participate in the program.

American Leaders is seeking interview participants from the fields of politics, arts, and academia. Participants should be commonly recognized by their colleagues as a leader in the field.

  • Interview participant must be willing to be present on camera for a minimum of 45 minutes.
  • Interviews may continue beyond 45 minutes, if agreeable to participant and interviewer.
  • Interviews will take place in a studio setting, at a location convenient for the participant.
  • As a Covid-19 precaution, crew size for the interview will be minimal, and participant may bring a maximum of two people into the studio space with them.
  • There is no compensation for participation.
  • Full, unedited footage of the interview will be provided to participant in a timely fashion after the interview.
  • Participant will be shown the finished, edited interview several days prior to release.
  • The producers of this show reserve all editorial rights.

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