Los Angeles-based writer-director-actor.

Aswar Rahman is an American immigrant filmmaker creating feature films in Santa Monica, California. After a prolific early career straight out of college in Minnesota, Aswar took a five-year hiatus to build a career creating content for pro-democracy causes and high profile Democratic campaigns. As of 2021, he has returned to filmmaking as his main focus.

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 20, 8pm
Wrap Party, “A Gift From My Brother”
Santa Monica, California

Saturday November 20, 8pm
Book Launch, “Letters to My Virgin Cousins”
Santa Monica, California


Trimukhi Road (2022, pre-production)
George Bailey, I’ll Love You Till the Day I Die (2022, pre-production)
Bluefilm (2021, pre-production)
A Gift From My Brother (2021, post-production)
Hiatus to focus on pro-democracy politics.

Troika (2017)
Soirée (2017)
Salone (2016)
Achilles (2016)
The Best of India, Late at Night (2016)
Mehdi+Priya (2015) 
George: A Love Letter to a Cold City (2015)
Dorja (2014)

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