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I have been making movies since I was 19.

My first project, Dorja, was made in the attic of the heatless house I was living in 

Current Projects

I am currently working on a feature film in Minnesota.

Feature Filmography

A Gift from My Brother, 2021 (IMDb)

Troika, 2017 (IMDb)

Soirée, 2017 (IMDb)

The Best of India, Late at Night, 2016 (IMDb)

Salone, 2016 (IMDb)

Achilles, 2016 (IMDb)

Mehdi + Priya, 2015 (IMDb)

George, 2015 (IMDb)

Dorja, 2014 (IMDb)

Upcoming Events

Most of my events are by invitation only.


Feel free to contact me via direct message on Instagram.

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