Aswar Rahman is an American filmmaker with extensive involvement in pro-democracy causes.

Completed Projects

A Gift From My Brother (2021)

71 mins.

The son and heir of an influential family hires a documentarian to capture his reunion with his little brother — and their clash over their late father’s legacy.

Bhoboghure (2021)

40 mins. Bengali. Sold to NTV and broadcast nationally.

A strong-willed woman is pressured to choose between a whirlwind romance and a reliable marriage.

Troika (2017)

80 mins. Limited release.

Three ambitious friends launch a music venue together. Failure brings out the worst.

Soirée (2017)

84 mins. Limited release. Funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Two detectives are invited to a dinner of the city’s elite to enjoy dinner, chat with the guests, and find out who killed the man in the garden outside.

Best of India, Late at Night (2016)

71 mins. Limited release.

A group of struggling telepaths meet up at their local curry hut.

Salone (2016)

45 mins. Limited release.

An aid worker returns home from a tour in West Africa. This is not his world.

Achilles (2016)

45 mins. Limited release.

A flailing stage director strains his marriage as his wife finds an escape in helping a strange man in the woods.

Mehdi + Priya (2015)

86 mins. Bengali. TV release.

An expecting couple move into a new building, haunted by a demon who wants their unborn child.

George: A Love Letter to a Cold City (2015)

71 mins. Limited release.

An interstate bus leaves a young man behind in a strange city to fend for himself.

Dorja (2014)

69 mins. Limited release.

A bombmaker attempts to blow up the bridges of Minneapolis in an act of historical retaliation.

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